You can subscribe online by clicking here

Or simply click on the button,

print the form, and mail it with your check for $35 per flag to:

     FBOB - Flags Over Flushing

     PO Box 99

     Flushing, MI  48433

Every new subscription will result in a $5 credit for a music student. Please make sure to include the student’s name on the form to ensure your new subscription is credited to the student of your choice.

Flags Over Flushing

We do all the work for you!

When you sign up for Flags Over Flushing, we insert a PVC sleeve and cap in the ground at a respectable place of viewing in your yard, or place of your choosing. No brackets or fixtures are attached to your home.

We will set a 3'x5' flag on a 10' pole in the sleeve a couple of days before each of the above listed holidays, take it down afterward (weather may
dictate when this occurs), and store it for you the rest of the year.

It’s that easy!

For more information about Flags Over Flushing, you can contact us at:

How Does It Work?

How Do I Sign Up?

The Flushing Band and Orchestra Boosters invite you and your neighbors to

proudly display America’s colors five times a year.

Memorial Day • Flag day • Independence Day
Labor Day • Veteran’s Day

The Flushing Band and Orchestra Boosters  are a group of parents and volunteers working to raise money and support the various music programs within the Flushing School System.  All funds raised by the Flushing Band and Orchestra Boosters go to help support the music programs and the children involved in them.  Your contributions allow us to provide unforgettable musical experiences and lifelong memories to our band and orchestra students. These will include: PRIVATE LESSONS - MUSIC CAMPS - TRIPS - UNIFORMS/ EQUIPMENT - LIFE-LONG FRIENDSHIPS

Who Are The FBOB?