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Please check your SPAM FOLDER in your e-mail and make sure you click "not spam" or "allow" or "safe" or whatever option your e-mail server gives you. This way, you can receive all of the needed information. 



Do you supply the flag poles?

Yes, we provide all materials for the program and our volunteers will deliver and retrieve your display according to our holiday schedule. 

Can I submit my information online, but mail in my payment?

Yes, you can submit your subscription information online via our form and then mail a check/money order/cashiers check made payable to Flags Over Flushing. Please shoot us a quick e-mail at subscriptions@flagsoverflushing.org to let us know that you'll be mailing payment. Thanks! 

I'm having trouble paying electronically, what are my options?

Here are some of your options to help with electronic payments. This is based of our experience and other users. If nothing below helps your situation - contact subscriptions@flagsoverflushing.org and someone will be in contact with you to finish your subscription. 

Subscription Breakdown:

1) Fill out our subscription form located at www.flagsoverflushing.com

2) Once you have submitted your information, you'll be taken to our subscription screen. select the option you wish to choose. Please note that we are not able to accept electronic payments for multiple flag subscriptions. You'll need to contact us directly at subscriptions@flagsoverflushing.org or submit the mail-in subscription form found HERE.

3) Once you have selected your subscription option, you'll be taken to a screen and asked to either create an account or log in. If you have a Facebook account or gMail account, this step will be easy and we highly suggest you use one of these forms to log in. 

You are required to do this step as an added security and authentication step. 

Some people will experience a prompt to verify their e-mail address. After you verify your e-mail address, you may be kicked back to our band website. If that happens, click on the Flags Over Flushing banner to take you back to our site. YOU DO NOT NEED TO SUBMIT YOUR INFORMATION AGAIN. You can log back into your new account by looking for "MANAGE YOUR SUBSCRIPTION" and selecting to log in prompt. Once you're logged in, you will be able to select your subscription option again and continue. 

Also... Check your e-mail... All new members to the site are sent an e-mail "nudge" with subscription options. You can continue your progress through that e-mail. 

4) After you've created and account and logged in, you'll be prompted to pay via PayPal. You do not need to have a PayPal account to pay with Visa/Mastercard. 

5) If you already have a PayPal account, log into the account by following the on screen prompts. Then, you'll be guided through the process via PayPal's website. 

If you do not have a PayPal account, you can select "Pay With Credit/Debit" and pay as a guest - without creating a Paypal account. 

I submitted the online subscription form but could not figure out how to log-in and pay electronically. What are my options?

Your subscription is not active until payment is received. If you are not able to figure out the online payment options through the methods above. All new subscribers will be e-mailed an Invoice within 1-3 days of non-payment (after submitting the online registration). You can select "Pay Now" on the invoice and pay with PayPal with no creation of an account. 

How do I know if my payment has been accepted and my subscription is active?

After you have submitted a paypal payment, you should receive a confirmation e-mail directly from PayPal. In addition, you should receive a confirmation from Flags Over Flushing that your subscription is active. Please check your SPAM folder if you haven't seen this e-mail. 

I see flags being set up around town, but my flag is still not displayed. When will my flag be delivered?

We get this question often. We have multiple crews (15+) that are all volunteer. They will deliver their routes according to their personal schedules. Some cannot complete their routes all in one time period and split them up over days, etc. In general, our displays are delivered a minimum of 2-3 days preceding the holiday display period and retrieved 2-3 days following. 

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