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Used Instrument Guide

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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How does my child obtain an instrument?

A: There are several vendors we recommend where you can purchase or rent an instrument. The directors have secured the services of the Port Huron Music Center to assist you in making the best choice.  Parents are under no obligation to purchase or rent an instrument through Port Huron Music Center, although we highly encourage you to consider using one of their high-quality instruments.  PHMS wil be here in Flushing for a rental night in which you can walk away with all the supplies you need for band.  If you are in need of an instrument, visit this link for more information - If you already have an instrument you’d like to use, please bring it to band class the first week and have the director check it for quality.


Instrument Information


As with most products, there is a large variety of musical instrument models and brands available to the consumer.  As you would expect, there is an equally large range of quality among these instruments as well.  The Flushing Band Program is not in the business of selling or promoting specific musical instruments or music companies.  However, it is in everyone’s best interest that parents purchase or rent a quality instrument from a reputable vendor.


Over the past few years, we have seen an increase of instruments brought to school which look great, but are poorly constructed.  Many instrument repair shops will not attempt to fix these instruments because the materials used in their construction is so poor that in their attempt to repair the instrument, further damage often results. These instruments are generally found at retail or discount stores, on the internet at very cheap prices, or pawn shops. Please don’t be fooled by marketing schemes or flashy colored instruments – this is often the best indicator of a poor quality instrument. Some internet sites even offer instruments disguised as quality by misspelling the brand name of more respected brands.


Below is a list of instrument brands and models that we recommend for beginning students.  We have included a basic and mid-level instrument for your consideration.  Although we recommend any of these instruments, this is by no means a complete list of acceptable brands and models.  We encourage you to shop around in your attempt to get the best deal possible.  If you have a question about a specific model or brand of instrument, please feel free to contact us  prior to purchasing the instrument.

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Instrument Colors

Please stick to instrument colors that resemble those below. While bold/custom colors might be really exciting for the students - colored instruments often are an indication of poor build quality and the instrument will likely break quickly and not be useable. Please stick with the colors of the instruments below:

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